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Half of your ship gains super-powers (or, if they already had them, loses their powers). How does the other half react to this development?

Dugal stood in the shattered remains of the toilet, bare feet shredded by red-soaked porcelain shards. They were feet, soft and nearly white, split at the end into toes. His skin seemed to burn, and his hair was ominously dry.

He could see Ashley frantically flipping through pages of the Book. She kept turning a few pages back and forth, as if sure she’d left something between them. She’d run to it the moment she realized he couldn’t take off the glamorie. She hadn’t stayed long enough to see how very wrong things were. It wasn’t just a stuck glamorie. There was no magic in him. He was mundane.

He could control Truth, maybe, but he wasn’t sure how that worked. It wasn’t anything like shifting and diving into the pipes. If it were, he wouldn’t be standing on the broken contraption. He’d tried. It worked coming into her place, but it would not work to get him home.

"It’s not in here!" she called.

"What’s not?" He couldn’t swallow away the lump in his throat.

"Nothing indicates kelpie magic gets stuck like that. I don’t know what to do."

"Can’t you write me back?"

She came into the bathroom, Book in tow. “It doesn’t work like that. I’d probably end up phrasing it so you were always a horse, and so was every other kelpie. You’re not the only one in here.” She glanced down, apparently noticing for the first time the blood spattering the tiled floor and toilet shards.

The Book was on the floor before he could start to explain. She rushed to the drawer next to the sink, shoving things aside as she dug through it. A small yellow tube and a roll of gauze were set on top of the counter. In a second drawer, she fished out a pair of tweezers.

"Get on the floor!" she commanded.

"It’s not really time for that kind of thing."

"Sit down, off the mess. I’m bandaging your feet, you idiot. Why didn’t you say something? Actually no, don’t tell me. Just sit down and—can I touch you?"

He shrugged. She experimented, reaching for his hand. After giving it a squeeze she probably thought was reassuring, she managed to let it go without any trouble. It was official. He was no longer a kelpie. It was terrifying.

"Now sit down and let me fix it."

He hoped she could.



Is it even possible for your ship to share a bed due to their sleeping habits? Does one of them steal the blankets? Accidental punching?

Sharing a bed is difficult when one partner sleeps standing up on all fours. Even more so when that same partner has adhesive skin, so any contact in the night would result in very awkward and likely painful situations. Worse, if he’s startled by that contact he might lash out and actually hurt her. Instead, Ashley gets the bed and Dugal, in his natural equine form, sleeps next to the bed.



One character in your ship is trying to draw the other. How’s that going?

"Sanura, what is that mess on your tail?"


"It’s everywhere, my god! What were you even thinking?"

"I was trying to draw."

"That mess? What is that even supposed to be?"

"Knock knock."

"Uh, who’s there?"


"Nobo—oh! Sanura, I’m sorry. I—And don’t claw yourself. That wasn’t even a proper riddle."


One member of your ship walks in on the other watching adult films (nudge nudge). Who was doing the dirty work, and how does the other person react? - O

Dugal sat in front of her computer. Ashley knew there were no kittens with poor spelling and grammar skills on the screen, but she had to look anyway. She regretted it.

"I didn’t realize you were into that kind of leather," she said, staring at the wall a few inches above and to the right of the screen.

Dugal stayed sprawled in the swivel chair, not bothering to look away. “Only sometimes. I checked your bookmarks. Don’t you like anything fun?”


"No, wait, there was a good one. Howrse.com was in your browser history. I didn’t know you liked that kind of leather either."

She left the room, her face burning.



One half of your ship finally works up the courage to propose to their other half. How do they do so? Have they had it planned out for years? Is it a big thing? Something small? Or rather spur of the moment and unplanned?

Dugal, being a moron, would keep trying to make it spectacular and screw it up every time. The ring would be beautiful, forged by whatever magical creatures he could convince to help him. He’d keep trying to sweep her off her feet, probably literally, but with continually bigger and bolder attempts things just go wrong. Ashley gets sick. She doesn’t look when she should have. People walked in and ruined it. Anything that could go wrong, would. And then he’d go to someone for help, probably Honovi, and she’d redirect him to Reve. Reve would make it both a huge production and something that would work.

Ashley would probably be really upset because she’s not always that observant and would probably not see it coming. She might try to run away for a bit, and she’d probably scream at him, but she’d give in and say yes.



Protectiveness in a relationship is only natural. When you love someone or something you’ll do almost anything within your power to protect your other half. How far is your ship willing to go for each other when their lives are at stake?

For Reve, he has control over anything that might attack via The Book. If someone threatens Sanura, either he can rewrite the description of the attacker so it is more vulnerable, not a danger at all, or doesn’t exist. Or he can make himself or Sanura more powerful.

On the other hand, Sanura is a winged large cat with a human face and mind. It’s not really a good idea to pick a fight with a lioness.