And so all those good ideas for getting this thing going vanish without warning.

I’m going to bed.

Got off my butt and started working on that blog I keep threatening to do. I am going with a free wordpress account to get started and then I’ll consider purchasing a domain once I get the ball rolling.

I’m also going to go hide it because I don’t want Google ranking it as utter trash in it’s current state.

Attempts to play nice with people I dislike seemed to go well.
I did break the no coffee rule tonight though.

Help Me I’m Poor.



Finding cheap food in college isn’t hard. You can subside solely off of Cup Noodle and 89 cent tacos at Taco Bell and ta-da, you’re pinching pennies. But you know what else is pinching? Your waist band as you struggle to avoid the Freshman 15 while eating 3x the sodium and fat that a normal human should.

The eternal struggle is finding food that is actually cheap enough to buy (sorry, Whole Foods) and isn’t coated in questionable chemicals and sugars. My Grocery List on a College Budget is a start to meals, but I have also compiled a list of snacks that don’t even cost you a dollar. Peace Taco Bell.

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